Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Intro by Mushroom Girf

Hey. Mushroom Girf speaking. I hope you have liked the blog so far. I'd like to say sorry to anyone who was on when I posted "First ever Mushroom comic!!". I was having trouble with the typing fonts. I will try again soon. But the main reason I posted is I wanted to fill you in on the parts of the blog Cinnamon didn't tell you about. I am planing to post about once a week, give or take. I will post questions on various topics and post the comments (given they are appropriate). There will be comics about Cinnamon and Nutsy. I will answer questions from you from time to time if there are any questions (I will ask for questions on certain posts). Cinnamon will be doing book reviews. There will most likely be more subjects eventually. I hope you enjoy our blog!

Mushroom Girf (:=

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